30m (100ft) Grizzly Bushcraft 550 Paracord

30m (100ft) Grizzly Bushcraft 550 Paracord


We searched high and low to find a paracord that was up to spec, we tried all the usual candidates but they were either too stretchy, too poorly made or just plain weird. That is when we worked with a manufacturer to produce the Grizzly 550 Paracord we know and love today. 7 Inner strands, tested to over 700lb breaking strain and it comes in over 55 colours. We don't cut this off a huge reel (which can cause damage and rubbish ends) when you order, it is ready cut to exact sizes and individually packaged with Grizzly's usual attention to detail and care. 

If you're adding it to your kit or planning to make something to sell on, then this is the right cord for you. The colours are some of the most vibrant we've seen and the quality is there to match. 

Why not couple the 550 cord with some of our Cub Cord to make a really interesting design. 

Or.. Why not buy this cord in kit form with some buckles to make a bracelet?